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Taxonomic Capacity Building on DNA Barcoding of Common Vascular Plants in the Tropics



The project aimed to speed up the use of DNA technologies in conservation, cross-border trade in wildlife and other live organisms, as well as ecosystems monitoring and their management in the ASEAN region. The project was designed to build the capacity of the staff and researchers of the ASEAN Heritage Parks (AHPs) and other selected protected areas in the region on DNA-based approaches for species identification and discovery.

2021 – 2022
Implementing Partners
Ministry of Environment – Japan

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To enhance the taxonomic capacity of the staff and researchers of the AHPs and protected areas in ASEAN through the standard DNA Barcoding training by using the GTI-DNA-tech manual
To improve the body of knowledge on the taxonomy of common vascular plants in the tropics, particularly in the ASEAN region.


Output 1.1:

Improved knowledge and skills of selected staff and researchers of botanic gardens, academe, and research institutions on the use and application of the DNA barcoding for taxonomic identification on vascular plants

Output 2.1:

Published taxonomy of common vascular plants of the Mount Makiling Forest Reserve, an AHP which will contribute in building and improving the taxonomic knowledge in the tropics

Output 2.2:

Modified the CBD protocols in using the DNA barcoding tool for use in the tropics

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