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Biodiversity-based Products (BBP) as an Economic Source of the Improvement of Livelihoods and Biodiversity Protection



The project,  implemented in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Viet Nam, supported the development of  biodiversity-based products along the value chain approach referred to as biodiversity-based value chains.

Considered as one of ASEAN’s interventions in mainstreaming biodiversity in the business sector, the BBP Project laid the groundwork for related policy formulations, provides lessons learned from the pilot projects implemented, and produced several knowledge products as references for similar future projects.

Implementing Partners
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH / GFA Consulting Group

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The project was designed to enhance biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilisation of biodiversity resources, improve livelihoods, and add value to biodiversity along local, regional, and international value chains by increasing the recognition of biodiversity-based products in the ASEAN region.


  1. BBP Value Chain Promotion Strategy
  2. Development of BBP-oriented Information Platform at ACB Biodiversity Information Management and Establishment of Help Desk
  3. Piloting of BBP Value Chains to Improve Livelihoods and Promote Biodiversity Conservation
  4. Human Capacity Development


Strategy to support BBP value chains, as well as policies for the ASEAN and the AMS, was developed and implemented;

A central information platform on BBP at the ACB, to provide information for the development of BBP value chains for the public, private, and civil sector in the AMS, was established;

BBP value chains towards improved livelihoods and biodiversity conservation were successfully implemented; and

Capacities and competencies in the development of BBP value chains in the private sector, particularly small businesses of AMS, were enhanced.

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