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Improving Management Effectiveness in the ASEAN Heritage Parks through Capacity Development and Biodiversity Information Management

Improving Management Effectiveness


The project, apart from improving the management effectiveness of protected areas in the ASEAN region, also  reinforced ASEAN’s support to the East and Southeast Asia Biodiversity Information Initiative (ESABII) and other biodiversity information management platforms, such as the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and Asia Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (AP-BON), through capacity-building activities.

2018 – 2020
Implementing Partners
Ministry of Environment, Japan; Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund; Sabah Parks, Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources, Malaysia (KATS), Biodiversity Conservation Agency (BCA)

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The project was designed to:
Enhance the knowledge of the managers and staff of ASEAN Heritage Parks (AHP) and other protected areas on different implementation strategies towards sound, science-based, and sustainable environmental management of protected areas,
Improve interoperability of biodiversity databases between and among ASEAN Member States and the various biodiversity information management platforms, such as the national and regional Clearing-House Mechanisms, ESABII, AP- BON, and GBIF,
Increase the awareness of stakeholders and the public on the importance of protected areas for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development through communication, education, and public awareness strategies.

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